About Chapter 11 Dockets

Receive up to $500 for referring fellow restructuring professionals to Chapter 11 Dockets

We are confident that Chapter 11 Dockets is the best precedent research system available and will quickly become your “go to” research solution. No one knows better than our current users just how valuable Chapter 11 Dockets is to their practice. Therefore, when you tell your friends and colleagues about Chapter 11 Dockets and they become users, you can receive a referral bonus of up to $500.

Qualifying for a referral bonus is easy. All you have to do to collect your bonus is send an email to referrals@chapter11dockets.com identifying (1) the name and position of the person to whom you recommended Chapter 11 Dockets, (2) the law firm or other restructuring professional services firm with which he or she is affiliated, and (3) the date of the communication. The email must also include your professional contact information (name, firm, position, address, phone number and email address). For each $2,000 that firm spends on Chapter 11 Dockets services (up to a maximum of $10,000), you will receive a cash referral bonus of $100 (up to a maximum of $500 per firm). Please see the full Terms & Conditions for this referral offer below for complete details.

Terms & Conditions

In order to receive a referral bonus, the referrer must be associated with an active corporate restructuring professional services firm at the time of the referral. Further, the referrer must contact Chapter 11 Dockets at referrals@chapter11dockets.com with all of the information set forth above before the referred party opens an account with Chapter 11 Dockets to qualify for a referral bonus. Only one referral bonus will be paid per new account sign-up (or per professional firm, if that firm signs up for more than one account). To the extent that more than one person has referred a new client, Chapter 11 Dockets management will determine the referrer entitled to receive the referral bonus in its sole discretion based upon the following order of priority: (1) the referrer identified by the new client as having referred it to Chapter 11 Dockets or, if no referrer identified by the new client, (2) the first referrer to have contacted Chapter 11 Dockets at referrals@chapter11dockets.com with a qualifying email identifying the new client. In order to qualify as purchases of services for purposes of determining bonus payments, the purchases must be made within six (6) months of the new client’s sign-up with Chapter 11 Dockets and all invoices relating to such purchases must have been paid in full by the new client. Payment to referrers will be made by check to the professional address contained in the referrer’s email to referrals@chapter11dockets.com unless that referrer identifies another U.S. address to Chapter 11 Dockets by email to referrals@chapter11dockets.com. Chapter 11 Dockets reserves the right to modify or cancel this referral program at any time and for any reason. Any questions regarding the terms of the referral program should be sent to referralquestions@chapter11dockets.com.

Contact: (415) 298-6730 or customerservice@chapter11dockets.com